torsdag 19 april 2012

The Wheel of Excellence” – Del 7 “Constructive Evaluation”

Terry Orlick, grundare av Zone of Excellence är en världskänd inom undervisning och coaching av människor hur man gör till sin kapacitet och öka glädje av sina liv. Han har varit ledande inom inrikta utbildning för hög kvalitet inom flera discipliner i över 35 år. Terry har arbetat med tusentals Olympiska och professionella idrottare och tränare, företagsledare, astronauter, kirurger, topp klassiska musiker, dansare, operasångare och artister, mission proffs kontroll.
Constructive Evaluation

"Constructive Evaluation” 

It has become more important to identify as closely as possible where I've screwed up, and then to work on that in practice to make sure it doesn't happen again. I'll sit back now after a race and I'll analyze it with a fine-tooth comb. I can pick a stroke here and there that may have affected the outcome of the race. When I do that, and I find out I missed the fifth stroke off the line, or the stroke was still short and it should be long, or my transition wasn't as good as it should be, I can go back and work on that phase of my race and get the kinks out. By analyzing my race, stroke for stroke, figuring out what I did wrong, I can put together a more perfect race. The idea is you try and recall exactly what happened in the race and gain from it. I'm always repeating the plan in practice, and working on certain points that I can identify as screw-ups in a previous race. (Larry Cain - Olympic Champion - Canoeing ).

We debrief extensively. We go through every single flight, every turn. What did you do here? What cues were you using, how did you do that, how did you make the airplane do that? And we try to learn from each experience . The reason we all do that in peace time is so that we know we're as competent as anybody can be so that if we have to go fight with those things, we're better than anybody else. (Elite Fighter Pilot)

You get into a sort of routine where you debrief yourself, learn from your mistakes and then when the next sim starts it is a different ball game. (Astronaut)

The seventh element of excellence is CONSTRUCTIVE EVALUATION of training and performance situations to:

reflect upon what you did well
reflect upon what you can refine or improve
draw out important lessons from each experience/performance
assess the role of your commitment, attitude, mental readiness, and focus in relation to your performance outcome
target areas for improvement
act upon the lessons learned.

Excellence requires that you develop an effective process for personal evaluation, and that you act upon the lessons drawn from these evaluations. Constructive evaluation includes looking for the good things and targeting areas for improvement in yourself, your performance, your environment and your experiences. You can draw inspiration, confidence and joy from reflecting on positive experiences and personal highlights.

Important lessons are gained by evaluating your overall performance, critical portions of your performance, and the role your mental state played in your performance (e.g., mental readiness, trust, distraction control and sustained focus). Constructive evaluation of mental and physical performance skills requires two things, 1) reflecting on what went well, and 2) targeting areas for continued improvement. Through experience, top performers have developed constructive evaluation procedures that are highly individualized and personally effective. This guides their continued pursuit of excellence.

To achieve your highest performance level continue to evaluate your preparation and focus. The lessons extracted can be written down, discussed, or mentally reviewed. The important point is that you develop an effective evaluation procedure to pull out lessons, and act upon those lessons on a consistent basis. Your rate of learning, as well as the performance level you ultimately attain, is directly affected by the extent to which you engage in thorough, ongoing, constructive personal evaluation.

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