tisdag 7 augusti 2012

Taper Pitfalls

Throughout the country, many taper meets are beginning. Taper is an interesting time as many swimmers hope to drop excess time from their in-season, broken down performances. 

USA Swimming just released a piece (Successful Taper Strategies) where they suggested volume, intensity, and frequency reductions.

In short, taper is an interesting and not commonly researched topic, which makes it hard to find journal-based evidence on the subject. However, it is suggested men will approximately improve 2% in the final three weeks of training (Mujika 2002). This variation is likely due to the difference in lean body (muscle) mass. 

The idea of taper is not unique to swimming, but the approach is novel. Unlike other sports, the view on tapering has yet to change. In track large tapers were the commonplace, but now shorter more frequent taper periods are used. 
Swimmers commonly have 1 – 2 taper meets per season with tapering lasting from 5 – 30 days. In the swimming community, we all believe we have the best method for taper, unfortunately there are many pitfalls. 

Läs hela artikeln här, http://www.swimmingscience.net/2012/07/taper-pitfalls.html?spref=tw

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