måndag 17 september 2012

Welcome to ProSwimWorkouts

Are you passionate about swimming? Are you a swim coach or an athlete wondering how your competition spends their time in the pool? Did you ever wanted to share what you do every day but didn’t know how? Well, now you can do all of it in one place – welcome to ProSwimWorkouts!

A lot of coaches (myself included) always talk about how they would like to share what they’re doing, get feedback from other coaches and see how other coaches work with their athletes. Yet, only few of us make the efforts or take the time needed to share their experience with another coach. That’s exactly where I hope ProSwimWorkouts will step in and help you share your experiences and knowledge and this with the coach from the team in the next town but also with coaches from all over the world!


Jon Olsen – Florida Keys Swim Club (USA)
Paul Yetter – T2 Aquatics (USA)
Chris Morgan – Harvard University (USA)
Nico Messer – Vevey Natation (SUI) 
Fredrik “Ludde” Lundin – Jarfalla Swimclub (SWE)

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