lördag 26 oktober 2013

The Rio Maior Sports Centre

The Rio Maior Sports Centre is well-known for being a strategic equipment with a large number of multifunctional equipment and services for different types of Olympic sports. 

The facilities and services that we have are fundamental for athletes development, growth and recovery. A heated Olympic Swimming Pool, medical office, performance testing and monitoring lab, physiotherapy and recovery (jacuzzi , sauna , steam bath, cryotherapy, laser , ultrasounds, magnetotherapy , shock wave therapy and short wave therapy), sports masseurs, nutritionists, psychologists, gymnasiums, stadium for football and athletics, multisports halls, training natural grass pitches and synthetic grass pitches for football, a beach and volleyball pitch, and other equipment which make our Sports Centre increasingly sought by athletes and teams from all over the world .

Our challenge is excellency and internationalization. We are in a small town near Lisbon, with easy access to the international airport. We have a great capacity for hosting. Our accommodation services are praised by all athletes, coaches and directors after their training camps.

Website do Complexo Desportivo de Rio Maior: www.desmor.pt

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